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Our goal is to have a Loose Riders Chapter in every corner of the world that has riders with the same mindset - a Global Alliance - a community to connect with.

Say you want to go ride in England, Germany, Hong Kong, Thailand, New Zealand, Taiwan, Belgium, Whistler, Malaysia, … or wherever we have a Chapter? Just hit up the local Loose Riders for the best and up to date knowledge from finding trails, shuttles, or somewhere to stay and party.

When you travel with your bike, it can be tricky to find information about spots, trails, conditions, accommodation, or just finding someone to ride with. The Loose Riders Chapters are there to fill that gap - local crews that are keen to give you info, help out, go ride, or just hang out with.

Loose Riders is non-elitist, everyone can contact the chapters to ask questions about riding, tips and general chat. Our ‘Club’ does not have a membership of any kind, in order to run a Chapter there are guidelines and some requirements but other than that it's all open and free.

The cub’s origins start in Thailand. With amazing trails but no information to find online we started a facebook page to showcase our trails in the hopes to find people to ride with.

In 2012 “Loose Riders Chiang Mai” was born, a Facebook page about a virtually unknown trail network in the north of Thailand with world class riding.

It was an instant success, people loved our concept, and it became clear there was a need for what we had started on a larger scale.

The idea was born to create a Global network –on a local level– of crews that can represent their area. A network of ‘Chapters’, that represent spots, zones, cities or even countries.

Away from the mainstream mountain bike culture, a network where people can connect, meet up to ride, and get general info about spots, shuttles, conditions or anything bike related.
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